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Rollo Tid Bits

On Friday, September 4, 1998 I visited the God's Little Vine Cemetery in Walker Co., AL. It is located about one mile east of the Empire Post Office. I found the grave of John H. Rollo. On the grave stone was J.H. Rolo , May 22 1833, Jan 25 1921. The grave next to him was for O.A. (probably QA since it is well worn), Oct 28 1848, Feb 4 1917. (The death certificate for John H. Rollo's son in OK gives the name of his mother as Queen Ann Booth) The next grave had a stone with J C Rolo, with the name made up of small shells glued on to the stone. There was another grave about 100 feet away with a newer type stone for a Sara Rollo (spelled correctly), b. May 24 1869, d. Jul 26 1910.

I also visited the Crews Cemetery in Lamar Co., AL to find the grave of Mary Frances Rollo, who married Edmund Moody Bussey. Her stone says Mary Francis Rollo, wife of E.M. Bussey, b. Feb 11 1863, d. May 18 1901. Beside her were the graves of her twin daughters who died at birth on May 11 1901 (she died one week later). Another daughter buried there was Pearley, b. Apr 15 1894, d. May 20 1897. Her husband's father, Benjamin Bussey (b. Jun 3 1828, d. Jun 7 1908), is also buried nearby.

Here is a photo of the William Alexander Rollo home from a previous trip to the area. Also a photo of his grave site.

Submitted by J.D. Weeks

        Re: Rollows
        Sat, 24 Oct 1998 22:02:09 -0400
        "Sandra Ferguson" 
Archibald Rollow was born abt 1775 and married Ann Jett, the daughter of
Frances Jett and Bathsheba Berryman.   The story is that Archibald came
from Scotland and the 1st person he met after leaving the boat was Francis
Jett, who gave him a job.  Archibald them married his daughter.  They lived
in Fredericksburg, Va.  , and their children were Archibald Jr, Jane,
Betsy, William, Russell, Frances, Peter, and my ancestor, Judith. 
Archibald died in 1829 and Ann in 1830. They were both buried in the Jett
Family cemetery, in Stafford county Va.  Judith married George Harrison
Bullard in King George county, Va.

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