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J.D.'s Beer Page

You must have been looking for beer and that got you here. Or maybe you just wandered in. Now that you are here take a look at some of my Beer links. I must confess that although I love beer I had heart surgery in April 1997 and my doctor limits me to one beer a day. (I already checked and I can't do without for three weeks and then drink a case!) Remember to drink responsibly and don't drink and drive! EVER!

Trnavan Beer, my favorite pivo from Slovakia!

Vulcan Brewery (B.Y.O.B.-Buy Your Own Brewery)
Life on Beer
The Real Beer Page
The World Wide Web Virtual Library-Beer & Brewing
Draught Beer
AlaBev Home Page
Beer Across America
Top Ten Beers of the Month
A Beer Drinker's Odyssey Begins on the River Valtava
The Culture of Beer in the Czech Lands
Beer Is My Life
Beer Drinker's Paradise
Budweiser Online
Budweiser-Send A Postcard To A Friend
Guinness Brewing
Jeremy's Beer Page
Birmingham Brewing Company
Skotrat's Official Homebrew "Beer Slut" Page
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The Real Beer Page
The Beer Info Source

Krolls' Kollectibles-Beer Related Collectibles
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